Get to know the team of the Maria Noriega Clinic, the best dentists in Colombia

best dentists in Colombia

Imagine a person desperate to find the best dentists in Colombia, who has searched everywhere and has had bad experiences in the past.

His name is Juan, a young entrepreneur who has always taken care of his smile and knows that the image he projects is fundamental to his success.

After months of searching and disappointments, Juan found our Dental Clinic María Noriega.

When Juan entered our website and saw the services we offer, he was pleasantly surprised.

But what attracted him was the experience of our team led by Dr. Maria Noriega, a group that is highly trained to attend to each patient in a personalized way.

From the very first moment, he felt at home. He discovered a warm and welcoming environment in our clinic, where our team provided him with all the attention he needed.

Juan knew he had found the best dentists in Colombia. Thanks to our teamwork, he was able to achieve the smile he had always wanted.

Meet our team members!

María Noriega is the leader of the team and is in charge of the dental aesthetics area. She is a dental professional, who graduated from the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla.

Her work philosophy is based on not performing procedures just to get by. «We always project before any design. They are biofunctional smile designs», explains the doctor.

Oscar Noriega is passionate about orthodontics and always seeks to help the patient he treats feel comfortable and at ease during the treatment.

Javier Bonett is the leader of the periodontology and implantology department. He is an encyclopedia of this discipline and possesses skills that cannot be found in any other specialist in this field.

Juan Pablo Ospina is the best endodontist we have ever met. He is passionate about his discipline and, as a result, works hand-in-hand with his patients to achieve the best results.

Manuel Escalante is in charge of the oral surgery specialty. Among his responsibilities is the ability to help patients who come to him smile confidently again.

He is passionate about making sure they feel comfortable and secure while he helps them.

Jessica Mendoza: she is our pediatric dentist. Jessica has a natural gift for treating the smallest patients. She loves helping children start to develop healthy oral health habits.

These are the best dentists in Colombia and we are 100% sure that you will not find better ones than them.

Why do we believe that we have in our team the best dentists in Colombia?

Simple, because they offer not only professionalism but also human values necessary for each patient to feel satisfied with the results. 

The best dentists in Colombia are in our clinic because they genuinely care about the needs that each patient may have.

That each veneer is well placed, that the tone of the dental whitening is the desired one, that the child of the house attends their pediatric dentistry appointment when it corresponds, or that the dental implant that was placed on a patient a week or a month ago is adapting correctly to their denture.

For our team, the human value in every appointment, message, call, and treatment session we do is important. In addition to all of this, we have trained professionals.

Especialized and with the desire to always be up-to-date in oral health matters. All this, combined with the fact that our clinic has the latest technology in dentistry, results in having the best dentists in Colombia with us.

When searching for the best dentists in Colombia, it is normal to feel desperate after having bad experiences in the past.

But, the María Noriega Dental Clinic is here to help you. Our team of highly trained professionals, led by Dr. María Noriega, genuinely cares about the needs of each patient.

Our work philosophy is based on creating biofunctional smile designs, which means that we project the results before any design is made to ensure the best outcomes.

If you are looking for the best dentists in Colombia, look no further. Come and meet our team at the María Noriega Dental Clinic!

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